Ball Chain Bracelets w/ Mindy!

Hi everyone!  This past weekend we traveled 16 hours to visit my good friend Mindy from  It was fun but way too short.  However, we managed to make time for crafts and hair do’s.  This craft I’m calling “ball chain bracelets“.  They are really cute and “in” right now.  I have found very similar jewelry at American Eagle.  I LOVE their jewelry.

Items needed for this project:  13 inches of ball chain (or crystal chain), 44 inches of leather cord (I like the 1mm), 58 inches of waxed linen cord, 1/4″ hex nut (brass or silver), scissors, wire cutters.

I went to several different craft stores to see what they had for this project.  Hobby Lobby had the most leather cording and ball chain.  Michaels had the crystal chain.  The hex nuts are from a hardware store.  Remember to look for the jewelry items when they are 50% off. It makes these projects very cheap which is so nice!

Make sure that you pull the leather and wax linen tight as you go.  This is a pretty simple project once you get the hang of it.  Have fun with color variations.  NOTE: If you are making this for a younger/smaller person, you can use only about 12inches of chain.  For smaller wrists it takes less material 🙂

Have Fun! Jenny


2 thoughts on “Ball Chain Bracelets w/ Mindy!

  1. These look fun, cute, and easy! My aunt went to a class that was a hour long to learn how to make these and charged her $45.00 to make one of these! I told he I knew how to make them and it was free!

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