T-Shirt Scarf!

I posted this video a couple of weeks ago on the youtube channel and somehow didn’t get this blog up.  I sencerely apologize. The holiday season as well as THREE kids with birthdays intermingled, plus the busy season for work has caught up with me!

I know I just posted about how much I love leg warmers this year.  BUT, I have a longer running obsession for scarves.   So when I saw this idea, I was compelled to try!  It’s a really different look for scarves and especially popular among teens.

I really love that this idea can be free and makes good use to things I might have thrown away.  So here you go…..  Items needed for this project:

  • L or XL  Men’s t-shirt
  • Scissors

My two oldest daughters. They are so beautiful! Oh how I love them!mt

These are alot of fun to make.  The one thing I really love is the instant gratification for this project. There is no sewing, no gluing, no waiting!  Just cut and voila!
Have fun and if you have cut pics of your project.  I would love to see them on showmecute facebook!



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