Marble Pendant

Hello and Happy New Year! I have had a crazy busy Holiday Season. (Don’t we all say that every year?) But I’m ready to show you lots of cute ideas leading up to Valentine’s Day. This project can be for any use but would also work as a cute Valentine for your kids, friends, or LOVE! I love the dainty and classic look of this necklace. My daughters love it too. It is not always the case that we love the same things.

I saw this online and thought it was oh so cute! It was super easy and one of those instant gratification projects. For supplies, I found mine at Michael’s. But any Hobby or Bead store should have the supplies you will need.

Supplies needed

Marbles–  After much testing, I found that the only marbles you can see the crackle through is the lighter colored plain marbles.  For example: clear, pink or teal.  You want to stay away from dark or patterened marbles.  I got some in a bag in the floral supply section of Hobby Lobby. You can also look in the toy section of some stores.  I also found a marble company in Bonner Springs Kansas called Moon Marble Company.  They were awesome!

Bead Caps– I found the cute studed caps I use in the video @ Michael’s.  You want to make sure that you match your bead up to the cap as to not get one that is too small or too large for the marble.  It needs to be proportionate to the marble.  You will see what I mean when you watch the movie or look at photos of the finished project.

Eye Pins– found in jewelry section of craft stores or bead stores.

O Rings– found in jewelry section of craft stores or bead stores.

Jewelry making tools:  small wire cutters, needle nose pliars, rounded needle nose pliars

Necklace to hang your pendant from!

It was incredibly hard to capture a good picture of this pendant.  It is much cuter than I can photograph.  My camera will not cooperate with my mind….kind of like kids, animals, computers….ah.  Well good luck with your pendant making.  I hope it turns out as cute as your mind envisions!


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