Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Pops

Oh my goodness these are so yummy! I have to admit I decided to make these on pure “cute” looking factor alone. Much to my amazement… they are as yummy as they are cute.

Confession #2- I am not a huge chocolate fan. Don’t get me wrong, I like chocolate alot, I’m just not a chocoholic! I usually like tart or creamy desserts. Favorites include Lemon Bars, Cream Cheese things, Cupcakes, etc.
These taste totally different once the chocolate has hardened into the candy state rather than a fondue consistancy. I think that is what I like. The other thing I love about these is the range of usage! One could really get creative there.

Items needed for this project:

  • Marshmallows: either Large or Jumbo
  • Chocolate Candy Melts:  I prefer the Wilton brand.  Hobby Lobby carries another brand and I don’t like the taste as well.  DON”T ever use the almond bard or baking crap you get at the grocery store.  Gag!  You might as well eat wax.  ( I hope I am not too harsh about that. 🙂 )  You can find the wilton brand online, Michaels, WalMart, and Joann.
  • Optional- If you want pops you will need candy sticks or something to use as a stick.  I used a cute striped straw.
  • Sprinkles or embellishments (Optional)

This is so easy and fun.  I’m pretty sure Chocolate makes everything taste better!

Merry Christmas!


Sweater Leg Warmers

Hi Everyone!

I am really really loving Cute leg warmers or over the knee socks this year!  So when I found this super easy tip, I thought I needed to share.

I made this pair out of an old sweater I already had.  You can use an old sweaters from your closet, or go to Goodwill and find some there as well.  I wouldn’t recommend buying a new sweater as you could just buy leg warmers cheaper probably.

There are so many options as to embellishments.  Buttons, lace, bows, etc…

Items needed for this project:

  • Sweater sleeves
  • Scissors
  • (Optional) sewing machine, surger, hot glue gun, embellishments.

Other places I have seen way cute leg warmers:  Forever 21, H&M, & Target.  So many places carry them but I just wanted to let you know a few cheaper places to start.
Keep warm, stay cute, & Happy Winter!


Burlap Placemat

This is a way cute idea for your Thanksgiving table! It was so easy!  If you like a more fancy look, this is a great option for a kid table.  You can also do this for everyday use with different words.  For this project you will need the following:

  • Black Sharpie
  • Burlap (yardage depends on qty of placemats) Can be purchased wherever you can buy fabric.  If unsure, google it! A standard placemat is roughly 14″ tall.  Folded in half you would be able to get 6 placemats out of 1.25 yds.
To get started you need to go to your word processor on your computer.  I printed mine in the landscape format (which means the direction the paper is turned when you print).  The font that I used was called American Typewriter but of course you can use any font you wish.  The size I used was 125 pt.  I had to manually type that into the space it shows the size as the automatic options were to large or too small.  I was able to print 3 words per sheet of paper.
I love this kind of project that gives such a cute result with such little effort.  I am confident it will be just as fun and easy for you.  Cuz it is super cute!  I would love to see your projects. Go to showmecute on Facebook and post some of your projects.

Happy Thanksgiving!